Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning


Stay Cool in Your Car This Summer

Explore our selection of air conditioning car parts for sale in Sioux Falls, SD

Everyone knows how hot summers can be in Sioux Falls, SD. Make sure your car’s air conditioning system will get you through the hottest months by scheduling an air conditioning inspection from T&A Service & Supply. We have a wide range of air conditioning parts for sale designed to fit all kinds of vehicles, from cars and trucks to semis and motorhomes.

Stop by today to find out if we have the air conditioning car parts for sale that you’re looking for.

5 Signs You Should Have Your Air Conditioner Looked At

You probably need car air conditioning repairs if you notice:

  • A grinding or whining sound when you start the air conditioner
  • Hot air – or no air at all – coming out of the vents
  • Refrigerant leaks on the floor near the air vents
  • A musty, mildewy smell coming from the vents
  • The air conditioning clutch gets stuck, seizes or breaks

Don’t sweat your way through the summer. Instead, call 605-339-9717 now to schedule car air conditioning repair services in Sioux Falls, SD.

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